Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Visit to Mauriceville School

Thanks to Mauriceville School for a great visit yesterday, talking to all the students (it's not a very big school!) about the Kaiparoro bridge.

My first ever visit to Mauriceville, and my first visit to a school with a school dog!

The school even has its own war memorial in the grounds, originally unveiled on 30 September 1928 (I wonder why that date was chosen) with 20 names on it. The loss of so many young men must have been a dreadful blow to such a small community.

I loved looking at their great artwork of Viking ships (Mauriceveille is part of the original Scandinavian settlement of New Zealand) and hearing about some of their school activities, especially Pet Day last  year when each student got an orphaned baby lamb to look after and had to care for it and feed it  - not something that would happen in a city school.

We all had a jumpy start to the day after a 5.1 earthquake at 7,.41 am centred 15km east of Masterton (thanks, Geonet) but by mid-morning things had calmed down and we had a great session talking about the bridge, and then writing poems and drawing pictures about it, based on what they might see, hear, smell, taste, feel and remember as they stood there.

Here they are hard at work on their pictures and poems!

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