Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Kaiparoro and Brooweena links (1)

Earlier I wrote about Shirley and Trevor McIcvor, whose photographs of the Brooweena war memorial bridge formed past of their project to record all the Queensland war memorials for their book "Salute the brave". 

I managed to get in touch with them and had this lovely reply from Shirley: 

You have a "one only" Kaiparoro bridge in New Zealand and thank you for the very clear photo of it that you sent. The link you have made with Brooweena and the Bridge Creek Memorial Bridge is very special... The late Mr and Mrs L S Smith, of Mt Joseph Station, who erected it, would doubtless be amazed that the 9 fallen, and 38 local soldiers from their area will now be honoured in New Zealand also.

As we found when we toured Queensland researching for "Salute the Brave" it is rather staggering when reading such long lists of names from what were then very isolated country regions, and the loss of so many young men must have had long lasting effects. 

We have been involved in many projects including our CD-Rom on Queensland War Memorials and Tributes. On 15th November 2015, ABC Television in Australia screened an hour honouring personnel mentioned on war memorials and we had a short segment on that, which you could probably pick up on Google if you wish. 

Our work also formed the basis for the Queensland war memorial register which now has about 1400 war memorials and thousands of photos listed in alphabetical order of towns.

Thank you again for making contact.


Shirley also emailed a photo of this Anzac fretwork which Trevor made some years ago. 

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